The Art Mob

the art of Dennis Bredow

Art, Burgers, & Beer

I really like art. I like to look at it. I like to read about it. I like to make it. I like to sit down and page through a good drawing book. But do you know what I like even more? Paging through a good drawing book with a friend. This creates dialogue, and dialogue generates ideas. This is the way we discover new things or learn to appreciate new artists. This is how our views and ideas are validated or challenged. These conversations breathe life into the creative process and generate endless new possibilities. In my experience, the best and most inspiring art conversations happen with a group of art-loving friends, a good burger, and a cold beer.

Art is meant to be shared and experienced, and it loses something in a vacuum. This is true both for the artist and the consumer. The artist stagnates without input from other artists who challenge and confirm ideas. In the same way, those who consume art miss out if they have no one to share the experience with. 

The hope is that theArtMob would be a gathering place. Sure, it can just be a place to look at art (and I hope there is some value in that). But it can also be a place to learn and interact with artists, processes, techniques, materials and ideas. So I’ve invited my artist friend and mentor Maxfield Strauss to join me as we begin a dialogue about all things art. Throughout the course of the year we will invite some guest artists to join us in our discussion or to share from their own experiences. 

So throw a burger on the grill, pour yourself a cold one, and join us as we talk art.